Schenley grad Orlando Houston authors book on wealth-building skills

by Rob Taylor Jr.
Courier Staff Writer

Financial consultant Orlando Houston identifies three areas in the world of personal finance that trips up some African Americans the most: How to escape a consumer-only mindset; How to make short, intermediate and long-term investments to be better prepared for every stage in life, and; How to create wealth for future generations.

The 2004 Schenley High School graduate, who then graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in economics, tackles all of those topics and more in his first book, “Think Your Way to Wealth: a Guide to Financial Independence.” The book was released in March. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and at

“I work with many people that either don’t know how to manage their money, financially protect their family or build wealth for themselves,” Houston, 34, a Monroeville resident, told the New Pittsburgh Courier in an exclusive interview. He’s been a financial consultant for nearly 10 years. “COVID exposed that many Americans are one paycheck away from their lives being upended. I wrote this book to serve as a financial guide that will help people think differently about their finances. In the book, I share some of my experiences of what inspired me to become a financial consultant and forced me to think differently about how to manage my finances.”

Houston’s book also discusses investing, budgeting, items that are not good to purchase, and strategies for getting out of debt.

“There is so much noise in our society that it can be difficult for individuals to decide what is best and what is not” when it comes to financial matters, said Houston, who also is an investment advisor representative for Equitable Advisors, LLC. He also hosts a monthly podcast on finance. “My goal is to help individuals and families focus on what is important for their financial success and how to reach a level of financial independence.”


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