Everyday Cafe: A Community Beacon of Change

 532 North Homewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
(412) 727-2169
Website: everydaycafepgh.com

Much like a warm cup of coffee on a cold day, Everyday Cafe has cement­ed itself as a much-needed venue for patrons in Homewood and the greater Pittsburgh area.

Co-owner Cynthia Wallace says much of the eating establishment’s appeal is the opposing aesthetics between Everyday Cafe and its sur­rounding environment.

“People in the community are very proud that this business is in Home­wood because it’s a very beautiful space,” said Wallace. “Time and time again we hear how supportive people are of having a Black-owned business here.”

The first of its kind, it comes as no surprise that Everyday Cafe has been welcomed with open arms since opening in November 2016. Created by Pastor John Wallace of Bible Cen­ter Church as a meeting place for his community, Everyday Cafe sparked from an internal frustration and a neighborhood-wide shortage of java shops.

“In Homewood, other than a barber shop or a bar which are pretty specific kinds of businesses, there just wasn’t a place where people could gather for a meeting or get a bite to eat.”

Since its start four years ago, Every­day Cafe has offered up it’s space to community-based organizations and patrons looking for a place to congre­gate. An even greater focus has been placed on supporting neighborhood youth through job training programs.

“We partner with local high schools and universities to administer job placement for interns and help them create marketing curriculums around our business model,” said Wallace. “We also connect with surrounding churches to help them understand how they play a part in community re­vitalization.”

Everyday Cafe also serves the com­munity by way of quality foods and drinks. Selling handcrafted beverag­es, sandwiches, and pastries, the so­cial enterprise fills the soul of Home­wood with necessary initiatives and ingredients.

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