Roux Orleans: A taste of Louisiana for the New Orleans Lover in You

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A journey of more than 1,000 miles, Pennsylvanians can travel to New Orleans for as low as $12 all thanks to authentic Creole and Cajun cuisines served at a local restaurant.


Roux Orleans is the Louisiana-inspired creation of Mike Barnes, who opened the eatery after receiving multiple impassioned requests from friends with a love for his home-cooking.


 “I already had a culinary arts background so when I moved up here, people began trying my food and told me I should sell it,” said Barnes. “The food here is nothing like what I’m used to back home, with the seasonings and flavor, so I decided to bring it here to Pittsburgh.”


Patrons lucky enough to get a warm bite of seafood gumbo or jambalaya, are surely tasting family recipes and traditions going back generations.


Barnes’ love for food was born long before he began a 20-year career in the restaurant industry. The New Orleans native says his earliest memories of creating delicious meals are cooking with his grandmother and mother.


Success has come quickly for Roux Orleans, which only opened a mere four years ago. Barnes says that fans of the restaurant come back to experience a culture that isn’t fully captured anywhere else in the state.


“We have people who have been to New Orleans before and have tried the food and enjoyed it, but they couldn’t get that same environment or culture here in Pittsburgh from any of the other businesses that offer Cajun or Creole-style cuisines,” said Barnes, who gets his ingredients directly from The Big Easy.


Classic New Orleans-style meals cover the menu from top to bottom. Described as a “full-blown taste of New Orleans”, Barnes says Pennsylvanians and visitors alike will get the chance to experience everything he grew up eating from po boy sandwiches to beignets.


Aside from in-person dining, Roux Orleans also offers catering services to those who want a taste of Cajun or Creole dishes at their event.

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