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For Jay Lynn Carter, clear vision requires one-on-one expertise from a professional and she knows just the woman for the job.

“I started Vizion Eye Care in 2019. An administrator at my son’s school asked me if I knew anywhere the students could go get eye care,” said Carter. “I thought to myself ‘Oh, well I’ve been doing this for so long, why would I send them anywhere else when I could do it myself?’”

The mother and vision specialist says her motivation for helping her community grew as she watched the underserved children and their families struggle to get quality eye care, increasing the disparities between those who performed well at tasks and those who didn’t.

“A lot of times teachers will think a child isn’t achieving in school because of lack of effort or they aren’t focusing, but it’s because they can’t see,” said Carter.

Looking to provide Pittsburgh residents with necessary support in the midst of COVID-19, Carter takes a hands-on approach to custom eyecare. When corporations shut down as part of the state mandate, Carter was able to service clients who were in desperate need of eyeglass repairs, exams, and more.

Carter says it is this personal touch that makes her business stand out from the rest.

“I’m willing to come to your residence whereas with other services you have to go to them,” said Carter. “I will come to your house, fit you for the glasses, take a copy of your prescription, get the lenses made, come back to your house and give you those glasses on your front porch.”

Carter says her one-woman show approach doesn’t interfere with the value of her services – it improves them.

“Ever since COVID, I have been able to grow the business because there are people with large families who had a number of children who couldn’t go to the doctor and when they’d visit, they’d typically spend over an hour being serviced,” said Carter. “When they work with me, I cut the time in half because I do everything ahead of time.”

Vizion Eye Care offers the same services as your larger-known eyecare providers. Clients can order their contact lenses, inexpensive and designer frames from Carter.

Phone: (412) 376-7459

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