A Whole New (Cobbler) World: Unique desserts with a traditional twist

The sweet smell of cobbler is enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone. For Terina Hicks, owner of CobblerWorld, it’s more than a fond memory – it’s the inspiration behind her livelihood and creativity.

“Give me a fruit and I’ll make a cobbler out of it,” said Hicks while laughing.

Equip to meet the popular demands of it’s fans, CobblerWorld and it’s creations can be found in three Giant Eagle Market Districts in Shadyside, Waterworks, and Settlers Ridge. Before it’s success, the sweet treat was simply an idea sparked by Hicks’ time as a young girl.

Hicks, who learned how to bake at the knee of her mother, says she’s grateful for the time spent in her childhood home’s kitchen.

“I got my love, passion, and skill for baking from my mom at the age of 14,” said Hicks. “Every holiday she would make these amazing peach cobblers and I would, absolutely, just devour them. One day, I went to her and asked her to teach me how to make them and I’m so glad she did, not knowing that decades later it would turn into a business.”

The love of cobblers and pies is not specific to Hicks. In fact, the business owner says much of the nostalgia she feels rings true for her clients as well – especially those who have relocated to Pittsburgh and miss the traditional treats they’re used to.

“There’s no one making and selling cobbler’s here and because of that, it’s been really well-received,” said Hicks. People also really like [my items] because I’m not doing the treats that you see at every other bakery.”

For those who have their hearts set on a different kind of treat, there’s no need to fear. Patrons can enjoy a variety of pies, cobblers, cakes, cookies and more with a visit to CobblerWorld.

Hicks makes it her mission to share her love of traditional desserts with younger generations as a way of introducing them to new flavors.

“My focus is nostalgic confections because when I first started out I knew that I had to do something to differentiate myself from the rest of the competition,” said Hicks. “I do the old-fashioned things that I grew up on like pineapple upside down cakes, sweet potato cheesecake, pecan pies, and I want to share them with the millennials and beyond because they haven’t been exposed to them.”

The baker has her own favorite CobblerWorld confections that she says are hard to beat – even for her.

“For me, it’s between the peach cobbler and the cherry, but the sweet potato is great too,” said Hicks.

While the base of her baked goods business is located at three Pittsburgh markets, cobbler lovers from all corners of the nation can get their hands on Hicks’ nostalgic and unique desserts.

“Clients can place an order for delivery or shipment because I ship out of state too,” said Hicks, who owns and operates the business independently.

All desserts can be purchased in a variety and sizes and are made fresh to order.

Website: www.cobblerworld.com

Phone: 412.403.2158 (store)

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