Grow from the inside out with Bloom All Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care

If proper skin and hair care is an extension of one’s health, Robyn Greer wants to help Pittsburgh bloom into its best self.

Greer is 25-year hair industry veteran and the founder of Bloom All Natural and Organic Hair and Skin Care, a beauty care and wellness line offering vegan, plant-based products for consumers who pay special attention to the ingredients in their cosmetics and groceries.

Despite its initial debut occurring in 2017, Greer says her products garnered the bulk of their success three years later at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I started making my organic teas because people were scared they were going to get sick and then I was getting requests from clients for shampoos and conditioners because the salons were closed,” said Greer. “The pandemic really allowed me to sit down and put on both of my hats as a nutrition coach and stylist.”

Greer says the growth of her line was an unexpected, but welcomed blessing.

“My goal was to create a safe space for people in the African-American community to get products that would heal them and help them eat and feel better,” said Greer. “I never planned on creating so many products, but God made it possible.”

With her background in nutrition and the hair industry, Greer uses the knowledge she’s gained to better care for the clients her products bring in.

“I literally live the life of the products that I’m selling,” says Greer, who practices a vegan lifestyle while maintaining active hobbies including running marathons. “I believe that when you are the curator of a product, you should also be putting your heart and soul into that product.”

Greer describes the ingredients she chooses as “everything that helps the body heal.” Some of these ingredients include rosemary, sea moss, turmeric, and ashwagandha.

When looking to purchase a wide range of products, interested patrons can find anything from a serum and foam wash to energy shots and detox teas. Greer also has various hair care options meant to clean, condition, and grow your tresses.


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