Your next slay is a second away with WaySlay

In times of worry, a beauty mishap can be solved at the click of a button thanks to the team at WaySlay.

“My fiance had an event to go to and was missing certain beauty products, but we didn’t have enough time to pick them up from a store,” said Mike James, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of WaySlay, an on-demand beauty supply delivery app. “We figured that with everything being delivered these days we’d be able to get what we needed, but there weren’t any options available.”

It was at that moment James decided to take matters into his own hands. Having a background in software, he knew he had the skills necessary to create a platform that could positively improve people’s beauty routines.

The first step, he says, was understanding the needs of his audience.

“We surveyed about 100 people to get an understanding of what they’d be looking for, what they’d be interested in, and what would make them care about our product,” said James. “We also talked to merchants to get a better understanding of what they’d need and then we took all of that information and built WaySlay around that.”

A Black-owned business with strong ties to the African-American community, WaySlay recognizes the significant impact it has on the culture of it’s largest consumer base.

“We’re focused on building a platform that benefits Black women,” said James. “This product is for everyone, but it’s especially for us and Black women.”

One of the largest benefits that come from using WaySlay is it’s overall convenience. By using WaySlay, Pittsburgh residents can get beauty supply products delivered anywhere in as little as 20 minutes.

The biggest takeaway that we want our users to have, is knowing that we’re a reliable service,” said Ian Grant II, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of WaySlay. “And as more folks use us we hope that people can look at beauty and tech in the same space knowing that we’re there to help them feel and look their best without having to leave their home.”

With retailers in Miami and Pittsburgh, James has aspirations of offering WaySlay to smartphone users in neighboring cities.

“Later this year we’ll be expanding to a few other cities including Washington D.C.,” said James. “We’re mainly focused on getting the word out about WaySlay and continuing to improve our product.”

WaySlay is available on iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play.


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