How to make your Black family road trip a hit

Pack your bags, fill the tank, and head out to the open road and toward that family-friendly destination that is sure to bring smiles, and memories, for the long haul.

Before heading out, however, ESSENCE Magazine has some tips on how to travel smartly with kids in tow. 


Check the vehicle to ensure tire pressure is right and the system and parts are well, too. Have vehicle maintenance before driving to prevent a breakdown on the highway is important.

Also, remove anything blocking your view in the front window, according to the article.

“Make sure there is nothing hanging from the rearview mirror, because some states have laws against this,” Gretchen Sorin, author of Driving While Black: African American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights, said in the article. “You don’t want to provide any reason for a police officer to stop you.”  

Plan Plan Plan

Before heading out, many will look up the location they want to visit and head out from there. Before doing that, weigh your family’s interests and let that be a part of the planning, too. Does your family like mountainous terrain, or a water park? Once the location is selected, consider renting a vehicle when driving — do it sooner than later, according to the article.

“I suggest renting very early and canceling later for free, if that’s an option and something changes,” Kristin Braswell, founder of CrushGlobal, a travel company specializing in themed and customized road trips, said in the story.

Set up Camp Carefully

The vacation hotel, Airbnb, or other accommodations can be the cherry on top to a sweet family road trip. Visit a few hotel or vacation rental websites, according to the article, look up the reviews, and see which one offers the best deal all around.

“Call the hotel to see if they can give you a discount on the rate that you found online,” says Braswell in the article. “But keep in mind that many hotels lost a lot of revenue last year during the pandemic, and the hospitality industry will be looking to recoup that in the coming months.”

Don’t Forget to Show Love to Black-Owned Businesses 

When you’re on your family road trip and summer vacation, continue to support love to the Black-owned businesses, especially as the pandemic stalled the travel industry. The article encourages visitors to book with Black-owned hotels, visit restaurants and more.

The EatOkra app also helps people find Black-owned restaurants around the country; I Am Black Business app is also a useful directory of Black-owned enterprises. 

Read the full story here.

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