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To be a mother,  it is often thought that everything must come second to your child. One local mom is determined to change the way we define motherhood.


LaToya Hamm Wilson, founder of Motherhood Redefined, a mental health agency and community dedicated to mothers in need of strategies, support, and solutions


Perfectly squared with its tagline, “you’re more than a parent, mama!” Motherhood Refined functions as an empowerment platform designed to guide mothers through their multifaceted parental journey with tools to help them navigate instances with trauma, stress, identity issues, and more.


“The overwhelm that comes from many of the moms is from women who are balancing working from home while still taking care of a family, and in many cases, homeschooling children of various ages and grades was one of the biggest challenges that are communicated through my clients,” said Hamm.


A wife, mom, Licensed Therapist, and self-proclaimed champion for maternal mental health, Hamm has had her own share of issues juggling what it means to be a mother in modern-day society.


“I feel like I am speaking to myself whenever I am working with these women or going into these social networks,” said Hamm. “I am not your traditional mom; I am an afro-wearing, tattoo-having millennial working mom with multiple children of different age range and I found that when I took to different platforms that wasn’t celebrated and that the duality of who I am as a mom wasn’t accepted.”


Prior to transforming into a full grown business in August of 2020, Motherhood Redefined was merely a collection of passionate social media posts inspired by Hamm’s intricate journey balancing being a mother and a woman with her own personality.


“At the height of the pandemic, I know myself as well as other women, were looking to connect with other moms who were sharing similar concerns and challenges,” said Hamm. “In the beginning I just started sharing some of my experiences and from there it blossomed into a brand that then became a coaching practice.”


The Redefining Mom Coaching program includes 12 intensive coaching sessions, digital check-ins and resources, weekly steps to bring about success, and access to a free online support group. The 60-minute sessions run a total of nearly $2,000.


Along with the coaching program, Motherhood Refined also offers self-care guides and planners for purchase as well as free framework guides and fact checking tools to assist moms of all backgrounds.


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