All dogs go to Puppuccino Boutique

If dogs are a man’s best friend, Lauren Davis is your furry friend’s soulmate.

An animal lover and dog-mom, Davis knows just how serious pet parents take the health, wellness, and happiness of their canine and feline family members. And when you are what you eat, Davis says feeding your pets the finest of quality snacks and treats is the first step to ensure good health for your four-legged friends.

“I always had [the idea] in my head to start a business that was focused on dogs and animals being that I’m a huge dog and animal lover, so I came up with the name during quarantine and started making treats and went from there,” said Davis.

Motivated by the passing of her beloved pet, Davis created Puppuccino Boutique as a way of offering nutritious and delicious alternatives to other pet products on the market.

“I experienced the loss of a family dog to cancer,” said Davis. “And how I and a lot of pet parents see it, is that we spend a lot of money on our animals and if you would feed yourself organic food, or not put cancer causing products in your body, why would you put it in your pet’s body?”

Puppuccino Boutique is solely run by Davis, who creates healthy and organic treats, paraphernalia, deodorizing candles and more from her home. Customers can order their desired products one by one, in packs, or through the boutique’s monthly subscription box.

“It’s not made in a big factory, everything is local, I really take time when it comes to my packaging, labeling, and marketing. I make everything by scratch, there is no team. The team is me,” said Davis. “I make everything from our Paw Balms to items from pet parents like our totes and candles.”

Since its launch in 2020, Puppuccino Boutique has become a fan-favorite with Pittsburgh pets and their parents. Rave reviews cover the website from customers who say their pets absolutely love the products and describe the treats as “a great gift for any pup.”

Pickup and delivery options are available to interested customers; frozen treats cannot be shipped. Puppuccino Boutique products can also be found in local pet stores Healthy Pet Products and Petagoggy.


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