New start date for PPS students: Sept. 8

Parents, you’ll have to break the news to little Johnny and Erica that there’s going to be an even longer wait for them to go back to school.

Pittsburgh Public Schools announced on Aug. 10 that it was pushing the start date for all students in the district to Sept. 8. Classes were originally scheduled to begin on Aug. 25.

Though the proposed new start date of Sept. 8 needs approval by the school board, there are no indications the board wouldn’t approve the new date, the Courier has learned.

Had the schools opened on Aug. 25, the district would have faced almost 6,000 students without transportation. The district has brought on two outside bus companies along with the Port Authority to hopefully eliminate the seat shortage by Day 1.

“These are some difficult decisions we are going through right now based on our current state and the current context we’re in right now,” Superintendent Anthony Hamlet, Ed.D., said. “It’s not ideal times. We’re trying to make sure that we get as many students into school as we can.”

– Rob Taylor Jr.

ANTHONY HAMLET, ED.D., superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools. (Photo courtesy PublicSource)


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