Your favorite brewery goodies are a box away with First Sip Brew Box

A craft beer lover’s dream, First Sip Brew Box is a carefully curated ale-inspired paradise.

“My wife and I took a trip to Bryson City, North Carolina, just to getaway, and we visited a craft brewery and fell in love with everything about this brewery in this small town,” said Dennis Guy, owner and co-founder of First Sip Brew Box. “We really wanted to be a part of the [brewery] community, but once we found out that it was about a million dollars to start a brewery, we thought to ourselves ‘what else can we do?’”

First Sip Brew Box was the answer. The married couple and business partners set forth on a journey to immerse themselves in the brewery space through focused branding and storytelling of breweries and their products.

“We do collaborative t-shirt designs, pint glasses, stickers,” said Guy. “And then we take it one step further and work with small mom-and-pop shops all over the country that make things out of beer and we send it to our subscribers in five different countries.”

Designed to meet the wants and needs of every beer drinker, experienced or new, First Sip Brew Box comes in three packages: The Brewmaster Brew Box, The Enthusiast Brew Box, and  The Connoisseur Brew Box.

The hand-tailored boxes come with food and swag each subscription month; the quantity and size of the items changes depending on the plan chosen by the subscriber. The subscriptions also come with payment plans that can be divided up monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. No alcohol is shipped in the box.

“A lot of people enjoy our business because when they’re out, they’re snagging t-shirts, they’re snagging pint glasses,” said Guy. “So for a service to introduce them to small businesses they’ve never heard of, it’s like Christmas every month with things they already enjoy.”

In their fifth year, First Sip Brew Box is staying truer to their roots than ever before. Black, veteran, and woman-owned, this Pittsburgh-based business believes in honoring the three pillars on which it was founded.

“We try to do as much as we can every single year with each of those pillars to remain authentic to who we are,” said Guy. “With one of those pillars being veteran-owned, every year we try to partner with a non-profit to help veterans and their families.” Their most recent partnership was with Folds of Honor and Stonebridge Brewery to create a beer and veteran-themed brew box; a percentage of proceeds will go to Folds of Honor to help offset struggles faced by families of our nation’s heroes.

First Sip Brew Box has plans to give back to their community majorly in mid-August. The subscription company will be launching First Sip Studios, a studio company marketing towards small-business and no-profits designed to help subsidize the costs of filming and marketing for lesser-known organizations.




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