Aunt Cheryl’s Cafe serves community in food and fellowship

Food warm and comforting enough to remind anyone of home, Aunt Cheryl’s Cafe serves dishes straight from the heart to your table.

Cheryl Johnson is a Pennsylvania-native and the proud owner of her Pittsburgh-based catering service and restaurant. Having offered catering services since 19, Johnson has established herself as a staple in homes and event halls across the nation with her delicious and well-plated dishes.

“I got my passion for cooking when I was a young child cooking with my grandma. She was a wonderful cook and I just wanted to make good food,” said Johnson.

For over 20 years, Johnson has done just that. In 2016, Johnson expanded her business to a physical cafe, where she and her staff offer Aunt Cheryl signature staples like their famous turkey salad along with an array of breakfast options, lunch meals, and specialty items.

The hard work doesn’t start and stop in the kitchen. Johnson also dedicates her talents to her community through collaborative events with hometown heroes. Aunt Cheryl’s Cafe has previously joined forces with some of the biggest names in Pittsburgh like United Way, the United SteelWorkers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As a retired social worker, Johnson says it’s very important for her to give back by way of her business.

“One of the events that we started when we first opened the cafe is an event called ‘Feast for Peace’ which is an annual event where we bring policemen and community members together for fellowship and to discuss who we are,” said Johnson. “We want the community to get to know the policemen and vice versa; it’s a time of community and peace.”

In the coming years, Johnson hopes to continue giving back to Pittsburgh by sharing her wealth of knowledge and elevating other entrepreneurs in the area.

“There are so many women entrepreneurs who are not getting the shine and resources they deserve,” said Johnson. “My next dream is to be able to empower women business owners and entrepreneurs to showcase what they’re doing in our community.”


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