Pandemic purse must-haves   

by Megan Kirk

Purses are a woman’s safe haven. Equipped with everything needed, and some things that are not, purses are meant to carry essential items to help make daily life easier. Since March 2020, the coronavirus has created a new way of life. Changing what is essential to have in purses, the pandemic has pushed some must-have items into handbags everywhere.  

Hand sanitizer has always been a staple in lady’s bags. Keeping it on hand for quick trips to the bathroom, convenient cleanses before eating and general personal hygiene, hand sanitizers are good for quick hits. However, preparing against the pandemic means packing your purse with items to help combat the virus. 

Since its onset, companies have developed antibacterial hand wipes to help fight against germs picked up from touching everyday items. While washing hands is the best defense against the pandemic, it may not always be the most convenient option.  

In 2021, Nice-Pak, a company known for its production of baby wipes, antibacterial hand wipes, disinfecting wipes and others, received EPA approval for its disinfecting wipes in the fight against the coronavirus. 

“As the fight against the spread of COVID-19 persists, access to effective and convenient cleaning and disinfecting solutions remains critical,” said Jim Dalton, vice president and head of Research & Development for Nice-Pak. “The EPA approval of our disinfecting wipes provides people with another proven option for protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.” 

With an uptick in hand washing, restoring moisture to the skin is important to prevent dry skin, which could lead to cracks, making it easier for germs and bacteria to get into the bloodstream. Lotion, hand balm or a moisturizing cream can help keep the skin supple and restore its natural elasticity. Those with medical skin conditions are encouraged to use a cream to retain and restore natural moisture.  

“Repeatedly washing your hands without moisturizing them can lead to excessively dry and cracked skin,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Carrie L. Kovarik. “This can cause open wounds in the skin that can allow in bacteria and other germs, making moisturizing a really important step after hand washing, especially if you’re prone to dry skin or conditions like eczema.” 

For those who have received the vaccine, keeping the immunization card handy can help in certain instances. Traveling may necessitate a need to display the card. Aside from travels, some public venues may have strict guidelines requiring proof of vaccination. Restaurants, though heavily impacted by the pandemic, are looking to rebuild after stay-at-home orders. CastleBranch, one of the leading providers in the nation of vaccination and immunization tracking, has established an easy way of providing vaccination proof. Individuals can upload their actual data from an already obtained vaccine card to the company’s site, and receive a physical card to carry in wallets and purses.  

“Our understanding of the COVID-19 virus changes with each passing day, requiring a response that also adapts and grows,” said Brett Martin, CastleBranch CEO. “With variants come boosters, which requires a form of vaccination proof that can be updated over time. Our cards were designed to respond to these emerging realities, helping people and organizations as they continue to navigate the new normal.” 

Masks have become a part of everyday wardrobes however they are wreaking havoc on acne. Facial skin is among the most sensitive and protecting it in between mask wears can cut down on acne and breakouts. Baby wipes can help restore the skin on the face and quickly rid the skin of excess oil and debris caused by daily mask wearing.  

Additionally, purchasing a great lip gloss or balm can help protect the delicate skin on and around the mouth. 

While these additional items may have already been in your bag, being prepared for the pandemic starts with one central location for all the best items for a strong defense.  


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