Fall Fiiine: These men up the ante on cooler-weather suit swag   

Ken Walker is a whole mood.

The calm and collected millennial Detroiter — known on the ‘Gram for his style and fashion entrepreneurial endeavors — never fails to disappoint as he shows up virtually, dressed to impress, as he also does in real life.

Whether traveling occasionally to New York for his primarily remote job or just enjoyin’ himself and his personal slayage that he commits to on the daily – Walker handles his business and his looks for reasons that are personal to him. Like how he is dressed for work when he is in the corporate boardroom wearing one of his sharp powder blue suits.

“I have so many over the years — I realize I was busying sports coats and jackets; I had so many in blue, different shades and patterns. It was a color [that] brought calmness to me and the confidence that I would need working in a corporate space (as the director of a New York-based marketing strategy firm) where I am the only Black person in a lot of board rooms,” the 31-year-old with his own clothing brand, K. Walker Collective, said. “My seat at the table is validated [and the suit] exudes power.”

Walker is one of hundreds upon hundreds of local Black men who aren’t afraid to put fashion at the forefront and for good reason: to look good and feel good.

During this Fall season what better way to stay comfortable and fashionable all at the same time?

Local fashion guru Chuck Bennett told the Michigan Chronicle what style Fall suit fashions are popular for the men (and ladies taking note, we see you) this time of the year.

Bennett, Detroit’s style guru, for roughly the last four decades (also Fox 2 News style ambassador) said that this Fall, suit styles that are in include slim suits – though it’s a style not for everyone.

Chuck Bennett

“Suit styles in Detroit, like with most things, Detroiters tend to embrace a wide variety of styles,” Bennett said, adding that local residents have “developed their own style” and they will find something that looks current. “The savvy dresser and shopper will learn to pick up on other trends that give the nod to what’s happening now.”

Bennett said that from ties being “on their way out” to not wearing just a traditional suit — Metro Detroiters are mixing and matching their suits with T-Shirts, scarves, an ascot (think Hugh Hefner’s neck scarf), and more, they’re dressing stylishly down post-COVID-19.

“Since COVID, people are being a little more casual than usual,” Bennett said, adding that people are having more fun with fashion this Fall and beyond. “I’ve been getting more calls from people lately about what should they wear to an event. People are confused – I’m confused, and a lot of people want to wear what they wore through the pandemic. But we can’t do that.”

Bennett said that this Fall it’s still important to make sure that your clothes fit, wearing more color is still in because the summer went by so fast. While summer colors, however, are out, Fall colors like rust and mustard yellow are in.

“I think that we didn’t really get a chance [to celebrate summer]. Was there a summer?” Bennett said of the season going by so fast. “We will continue to wear a lot of colors that almost look like summer clothes — maybe not as bright.”

Walker said this Fall, as he typically does (especially for special occasions), he uses parts of his full suit to pull together different looks. He will take his suit slacks and place them with other pieces or swap out another part of his suit for another look.

“The Fall is an opportunity to explore multiple ways … to be distinguished and try to get more use,” Walker said, adding that Fall style is all about versatility with more suits. “I break out of tradition.”

For more information visit https://www.kwalker.co/.

Stock photo provided by Pexels


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