CAPA graduate Carter Redwood plays major role on CBS show

FBI International’ airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


by Renee P. Aldrich, For New Pittsburgh Courier

Carter Redwood has become a name to remember.

He attended Carnegie Mellon University on a full scholarship, and at the end of his four years, he not only graduated Cum Laude, but also walked away with a wheelbarrow full of awards, including “actor of the year.” He was also the commencement speaker for the school of arts and sciences.

His acting chops were established at the early age of 10 when he was approached by Mark Southers, founder and artistic director of the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company, to play the role of Southers’ son in “When the Water Runs Clear,” a play written by Southers himself. This was the beginning and place where Redwood said he “got bit by the acting bug.”

Almost 20 years later, Redwood finds himself on a screen that everyone can see, no cable needed—he won a role in CBS television’s new series, “FBI International,” which airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Carter Redwood

Redwood, the homegrown hero with roots in the Hill District and a Pittsburgh Public Schools graduate (CAPA, 2010), plays Andre Raines, an FBI special agent who is part of the “Fly Team.” It’s a prominent role alongside three other special agents who collectively are the central cast members.

The filming is currently taking place in Budapest, where Redwood is living for the next 8-9 months. In a video conversation with the New Pittsburgh Courier, he discussed this amazing opportunity, sharing the depth of his gratitude for the support he has received during the entirety of his theatrical journey.

“I have been supported from Day 1, not just by my family but by the community in Pittsburgh who were aware of my dream,” Redwood, 29, said. “It is this love and support that I do not take lightly, it is not lost on me.”


Redwood was living and working as an actor since he left Carnegie Mellon seven years ago. During this time, he has been featured in a number of stage and television productions, including the following television series: “The Long Road Home,” “Medic Pedro (Pete) Guzman,” and “Blue Bloods,” among others. His live stage appearances include “Fly,” a play about the Tuskegee Airmen, “Fences” and “Pipeline,” among many others.

Carter Redwood, left, plays Andre Raines on “FBI International” on CBS.

The cast of “FBI: International” travels the world tracking threats against Americans abroad. Special Agent Raines, played by Redwood, uses his accounting background to track how criminals move their money. It’s Redwood’s first regular series role.

“One of the ways that support is important, the life of an actor is that it acts as a buffer for the rejection,” Redwood told the Courier. “People see your successes, but what they don’t see is the times you are not selected. Being told ‘no’ over and over again can be crushing in this industry. If I was not championed by my family and my community, I’m sure the rejections would have done me in.”

It’s obvious the rejections only made him stronger.





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