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In the Court of Common Pleas of

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania:

GD-21-5613, GD-21-5614, and

GD-21-5616; In re: Petitions

of Damber Ghatani and Mangali

Biswa on behalf of minor children

Sarmila Biswa for change of name

to Sarmila Ghatani; Pratap Biswa

for a name change to Pratap Ghatani;

and Samuel Biswa for a name

change to Samuel Ghatani. To all

persons interested: Notice is hereby

given that an order of said Court

authorized the filing of said petitions

and fixed November 5, 2021, at

9:30 a.m., as the date and time

and the Motions Room, City-County

Bldg., Pittsburgh, PA 15219, as the

place for a hearing, when and where

all persons may show cause, if any

they have, why said names should

not be changed as prayed for.


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