Develop PGH Bulletins: Demolition of public housing in Rankin set to begin in January

Hawkins Village, in Rankin, would go from 196 apartments to around 110


by Rich Lord, PublicSource

The Allegheny County Housing Authority plans to start demolishing the 80-year-old Hawkins Village apartment complex in January, agency Executive Director Frank Aggazio told PublicSource.

The authority’s board, at its monthly meeting, voted to submit a slightly revised application to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, which must approve the demolition. The agency’s initial application had failed to mention some meetings with residents that had happened in 2019.  Aggazio said he anticipated HUD approval “within days.”

Hawkins Village, in Rankin, includes 196 apartments. Aggazio said in an email to PublicSource that all residents have been “relocated and adequately housed,” some in other public housing and others in private units that accept vouchers. 

He said that after demolition of the entire complex, around 110 new apartments will be built in two phases with a total cost estimated at $37 million.

Hawkins Village, in Rankin, in a photo from the Allegheny County Housing Authority’s website.



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