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Practicing law has always been a lifelong passion for Quinntarra Morant.
“I basically was always on that path, even from undergrad…I knew that I wanted to do law. It’s one of those things where they come in for career day, and they’re like, well, what do you want to be? An attorney was always my answer,” said Morant.

Morant is a licensed Pennsylvania attorney specializing in estate planning, tax planning, small business formation, and non-profit creation. Her firm, Morant Law Offices, provides a systematic process to uncover any deficiencies in an individual’s estate plan and provides solutions to managing and preserving client assets. She said many people fail to realize that if they do not have an estate plan in place, one will be created for them whether they like it or not.

“What I’m finding is just not enough people actually know what estate planning is because it covers so many different things. What I always tell people is you want to be able to control what you’re leaving. You don’t want someone else to control, what you’re leaving,” said Morant. “So, what ends up happening is with any of these things, if you don’t put a plan in place, there is a plan in place for you. If you don’t create an estate plan, the state creates one for you.”

Morant says estate planning is more than just who gets what after someone passes away. It also includes living documents.
“There are three main documents that you’re thinking about when you’re estate planning: your financial power of attorney, which kind of covers you in the event you may become incapacitated at any point in your life, a medical directive, just making sure that any of your medical decisions are communicated, and then, of course, the last one would be a will,” said Morant.

Morant prides herself in cultivating long-term connections with clients.
“With these relationships, you basically get a lot of word of mouth, and the client is able to trust you. You’re working with generations. There are so many times where I’ll start with one of the older family members, and they’ll introduce me to their kids…It’s just one of those things where you really get to be family, and that’s important to me.

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