Chronic Low Back Pain clinical trial

After working with research teams across the country to collect information on individuals with chronic low back pain, the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC will be a site for a clinical trial. The “Biomarkers for Evaluating Spine Treatments (BEST)” trial will investigate four treatments for chronic low back pain and learn about for whom they are effective based on the unique traits of individuals.

The study will take place over six study visits and last a total of nine months. Interested adults experiencing ongoing low back pain for more than three months in the last six months will be randomly placed into one of four treatments for the first stage. In the second stage, individuals who are not doing well with the first treatment will be randomly placed into another of the treatment groups.

The four treatments that are being investigated are: 1) enhanced standard of care – an online tool, patient education, medication and a walking program; 2) acceptance and commitment therapy – using mindfulness and behavior change strategies; 3) Duloxetine – a depression and pain medication; and 4) physical therapy.


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