Letter to the Editor: You answer this

Dear Editor:

 What is the 2024 National Republican Convention but January 6, 2021 all over again?

 What is it but another Charlottesville 2017 “Unite the Right,” KKK rally?

 The January 6 people, the “Unite the Right” people and most of the 2024 GOP convention delegates are cut from the same political mold.

 The convention is sure to be highlighted by mass right-wing marchers in the streets. Countless Neo-Nazi banners, KKK signs, Confederate flags, and thousands of “MAGA” caps will be on full display.

That will be confronted by massive pro-democratic demonstrators.  The local police department will be charged with keeping the peace.

But Donald Trump is bound to be on social media urging his right-wing supports to attack the pro-democratic demonstrators. 

GOP 2024 will make the bloody chaos at the 1968 National Democratic Party Convention in Chicago look like child’s play.

According to some sophisticated guesses, GOP 2024 could add as much as $200 million to the Pittsburgh economy—an astronomical sum!

But that would not begin to repair the long-term political and social damage it would leave in Pittsburgh.

You answer this. Do you want that in Pittsburgh?

Fred Logan


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