Hip-Hop Icon, Chuck D, Releases “Songs That Shook the Planet” on Audible

The legendary lyricist and co-founder of Public Enemy, Chuck D takes listeners on an extraordinary journey through politically and socially conscious music. Part history lesson and part memoir, Songs That Shook the Planet spans genres and decades to call out the brave artists who continue to inspire necessary change in the world. 

Songs That Shook the Planet reintroduces listeners to indelible songs from artists who literally put their lives on the line to speak truth to power and provides a soundtrack of civil uprising that is perhaps even more powerful and relevant today.

You’ll hear the stories behind legendary tracks as well as the songs themselves, performed by Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Too Short, and more on Songs That Shook the Planet. Listening is both empowering and haunting; too often the artists paid a shocking price for their ability to articulate injustice so forcefully. Chuck D makes the experience even more revelatory by adding his own reminiscences about how the songs—many heard on the record player at home that his mother kept spinning with a stunning range of music—influenced his early life and his own career as an agent of change.

Songs that Shook the Planet Chuck D Chicago DefenderThe project is part of Audible’s Words +Music initiative which defies traditional formats with an innovative and unprecedented approach to musical storytelling and personal expression.  It combines the best of pop culture and memoirs for those who love personal stories from their favorite artists. The combination of Words + Music creates an intimate performance through-line that is truly unique to Audible.

Check out this exclusive clip of Songs That Shook the Planet with Chuck D on legendary Chicago artist, Curtis Mayfield.

Audible’s Words + Music series provides a unique outlet for musical icons to defy traditional formats and go beyond simple artist biography. It’s a place where artists can take their creative visions and tell the stories they want to tell freely, exploring whatever thematic or personal avenues they wish to expound upon. The result is a series of thoughtfully crafted pieces with each as unique and varied as the artist delivering them; where artists can more fully reveal their minds and ideas, their hopes, and fears, and ultimately, themselves.

Songs That Shook the Planet is available exclusively on Audible.

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