Vibrant Pittsburgh brings more color to the workforce

The Pittsburgh region has suffered decades of population decline, leaving it with an aging workforce and one of the least diverse major metros in the United States. Retaining and attracting minority workers is crucial to the region’s future. Vibrant Pittsburgh aims to build a thriving and inclusive Pittsburgh region by attracting, retaining, and elevating a diversity of talent.

“The future is diverse,” said Vibrant Pittsburgh President and CEO Sabrina Saunders Mosby. “In fact, by 2044, more than half of Americans will Identify as members of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups…When thinking about where you prioritize investment, investing in practices, policies, building environments, and reshaping cultures that will attract a diversity of talent is imperative for any company that wishes to not just survive, but thrive.”

Vibrant Pittsburgh regularly engages with 2,500 diverse job seekers, 500 diverse affinity groups with more than 50,000 constituents with which they support, and since launching, the growth rate of diverse workers in the region has more than doubled from 1.14 percent to 2.84 percent.

“We have doubled our membership since I have come on board. Our increase in membership is most certainly a testament to a shift in the region and also the quality of our resources and services,” said Mosby.

Post George Floyd, Mosby confirms a heightened awareness and demand for more diversity and inclusion. While public statements and donations are nice, Mosby wants the work of Vibrant Pittsburgh to reflect sustainable change.

“Changes in policies and practices will outlive sentiments,” said Mosby. “We saw over the course of the last two years a lot of really good intentional sentiments related to equity, hiring practices, and financial investments into the Black community specifically. The action that follows is what’s most important. What we are focused on is measuring that action. How close are we getting to the goal that has been set forth and not just the words that are shared?”

As demand for Vibrant Pittsburgh’s services has increased within the past two years, the workload has too.

“An uptick that quickly requires an organization like ours to pivot and refocus our efforts. It was quite challenging for all of us. I think I would be remiss if I didn’t say that as a Black woman, leading this kind of organization and work, it is quite taxing, but seeing change happen on the ground and building strategic relationships to help our region is certainly worth it,” said Mosby.

In addition to her staff, Mosby also credits Vibrant Pittsburgh’s members that remain dedicated.

“All of our members and their commitment is what makes this work. We have a number of entities that serve as community pillars for Vibrant Pittsburgh…they make financial investments that help support the work holistically.”

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