A’s Vision Helps Teens Drive Toward the Future

Aaron Wade created A’s Vision in March of 2019 after the unexpected death of his son Aaron who was affectionately called “A”. Some of Wade’s most memorable bonding experiences with his son were when he was teaching him to drive. This inspired him to create A’s Vision, which teaches teens how to become responsible drivers. To date, Wade has helped over 20 teens obtain their driver’s licenses.

Wade views having a license as a key to endless possibilities.

“It’s going to open up opportunities,” said Wade. “It’s like the beginning of becoming a mature responsible adult…just taking that step and getting that done is important because it opens job opportunities and just gives you the freedom to be able to do whatever you want.”

He says although A’s Vision has not been in existence long, the community has responded well.

“It’s been real good all the feedback we’ve been getting; so many kids have reached out.  When I started, it was just a few kids from some programs that were on the Southside where I grew up. Over time the word spread around, and so many kids have reached out from all over city.”

To help further strengthen A’s Vision’s bond with the community and to honor his late son, Wade hosts an annual softball tournament.

“The program started from my son’s birthday. His birthday was May 3, so we started the first one to just celebrate his birthday and include the kids who were participating in the program.  It was also like an invite for new people that might want to participate or learn about it. We just wanted to do something that would bring the community together,” said Wade. “This is a community day just to fellowship. It’s lots of food, games for the kids, and we play softball.”

This year’s tournament will take place May 7 at McKinley Field on Bausman Street.

As for the future of A’s Vision, Wade is currently working to connect the program with local schools. For more information or to donate, visit their website or Facebook page.

Facebook: @Avision5300

(412) 326-8014


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