The Advanced Leadership Institute Graduates Black Excellence

The Advanced Leadership Institute (TALI) educates, develops, connects, and positions Black leaders for professional advancement in the Pittsburgh region.

“The mission of TALI is to cultivate black executive leadership to strengthen companies, institutions, and communities,” said President and CEO Evan Frazier. “Black or African American leadership is important as we think about how critical having diverse leadership is for helping companies, as well as institutions and regions, be able to grow. When you have diverse leadership, it allows you greater ability to understand multiple perspectives, which is critical in being successful.”

After noticing a major disconnect between how Black professionals experienced working in Pittsburgh versus how others did, Frazier created TALI.

“Two of the big things we’re trying to solve…one is this idea that we have professionals who have talent and just get stuck in middle management and with very little opportunity to grow. The second reason that a lot of people leave Pittsburgh is that they’ll come here, and they feel isolated. They just don’t feel a great sense of belonging.”

To help solve this crisis, TALI has two signature programs in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. The Executive Leadership Academy is a six-month course that prepares established Black leaders for executive advancement. For younger professionals, the Emerging Leaders Program is a six-month leadership development course for professional success. Frazier says these programs unite Black professionals within a cohort and extend to lasting relationships long after they complete the program.

“We started to put in place robust alumni programming, so once people graduate from a program, there’s going to be continued support… When I see cohort members and alumni who are excited that they are learning, connecting, growing big position for greater roles, to me, that’s exciting. I mean, that’s the reason I get up in the morning.”

Frazier is grateful for the support TALI has received throughout the region. Sponsors and mentorship, such as through leaders at DLC, are what help make TALI successful.

“We were really fortunate to have Kevin Walker, the CEO and President of Duquesne Light, come not only in being a keynote for our kickoff of the Executive Leadership Academy this year, but he actually took time to spend nearly an hour directly with our cohort members. Very few people really have the opportunity to interact with a black CEO who has navigated the challenges that many do face and have that kind of direct exposure. I’m incredibly grateful,” said Frazier.

Applications for both of TALI’s programs are available on their website.

500 Grant Street, Suite 4125

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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