The Carr Report: Should she go ‘undercover’ with boss for job promotion?

by Damon Carr, For New Pittsburgh Courier

She’s so ambitious in regards to advancing in her career, she’s thinking about sleeping with her boss. One problem, Her fiancé said NO and told her to quit!

She’s a hard worker who wants to move up in the company. Her manager has been flirting with her for years. He said that she doesn’t understand corporate politics. In order for him to approve her promotion, she has to “compromise”. She witnessed other females move on to greener pastures after compromising for the boss.  She decided to tell her fiancé that she’s willing to take one for the team. To her surprise, he was livid.  He stormed out of the house and is currently living with his brother. He will not return to her or the house unless she quits her job. She just received a text from her boss asking her out for dinner. What’s a girl to do?


Soooo, I’m gonna ELEVATE in a career where I’m  expected 2 GO DOWN?

Make it make sense! Nevermind, I’ll pass!!

~ Angela

 If she’s thinking about it she should do it. Once she considered doing it, dude lost anyway. She’s always going to ditch dude for a better offer and if it’s not this time, it’s the next.

~ Anthony


Damon says:  Good point Anthony.  Jesus said if a person had conceived the thought in their mind, they’ve already committed the act in their heart or something like that.

Aren’t there laws that cover this sort of thing? Why doesn’t she just sue like everyone else does?

~ C.Linda

How is this a real question?  Are females really this stupid?  Making the rest of us look as slutty as her. Demeaning. She just wants an excuse to be trashy.

~ Tracy

 Many women do this.  They don’t usually talk about it UNTIL he doesn’t give her the NEXT promotion she wants. Then it’s rape or assault. She is being taken advantage of.  Don’t do this to yourself sis! It’s a trap. If you do this, you’re confirming and showing that you’re absolutely not WORTHY OF THE PROMOTION BASED SOLELY ON YOUR SKILLS AND TALENT.

~ Lovely Breeze

Damon says: When people ask, how do you continue to progress in life or in your career when it seems like you’ve hit a wall? I’d say. Grind! Then grind some more. Going forward, I’m going to be more specific. When I say grind, I’m speaking about effort as it relates to work ethic. She’s willing to grind with the boss in an effort to get ahead in her career. As the young kids say today, “She’s for the streets!” In other words she’s exhibiting red flags. This is a telltale sign, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants in life. Someone who’s willing to give it their all sounds reasonable when you’re talking about effort.  When it involves giving the boss something he can feel to let him know your desire to move up is real – giving it her all includes her virtue, loyalty, dignity, self-respect, and her fiancé. Giving head to get ahead is a fringe benefit that wasn’t approved by the Human Resource Department. What should she do? She should hire an attorney, get evidence to support her claim, and file a sexual harassment lawsuit. What should he do? In my Teddy Pendergrass voice, “I think you better let it go. Looks like another love TKO.”


The below meme was recently sent to me. I decided to post this meme with this caption: For the average earner, this is what a power couple looks like.

Boyfriend makes $63,000 per year and

Girlfriend makes $54,000 per year.

Together (married) they make $117,000 per year.

As individuals, they were average income earners. As a unit, they became a thriving 6-figure income household. Don’t jump the gun, but Marriage is one of wealth’s cheat codes.

Choose the right partner!

~ Meme posted on Facebook

Damon here:  This meme made me think of a song, “You make me better”.

I’m a movement by myself

But I’m a force when we’re together

Mami, I’m good all by myself

But, baby, you make me better

You plus me—it equal better math

 ~ Fabulous

I grew up in an impoverished community. Where I grew up, most households were either headed by a single parent or there were two unmarried adult people shacking up. The word for shacking up in today’s culture is cohabitating. Even as a young boy, I observed something about married households. There was more structure, families seemed to be more stable, and they were better off financially than the single and cohabiting households. There was only one couple in my immediate family who was married. Interesting to note, I come from a large family. Yet, only one sibling among my mother’s siblings was married. Looking back, this married couple who is my aunt and uncle was the model in our family others aspired to be. They were our go to when we needed help or advice.

My wife’s maternal grandmother had the same number of children my maternal grandmother did. In this case, three were married. I’ve observed the same outcome watching her family as I did mine. To put it shortly, those who were married, fared better—more structure, more stability, more income. Are you seeing the same trend that I observed? Let’s continue. I’m the only one in my immediate family that is married. I have a first cousin who has been cohabitating with her children’s father. They will be getting married this year. Not surprisingly, we’re the most stable and most financially sound within our family. To date, not one of our offsprings who are old enough to be married, is married? I hope they read this article.

Marriage or the lack thereof is a major issue within the Black community. I’ve read reports stating that 78 percent of all Black children are born to single mothers.

Two heads are better than one. Two incomes are better than one. Marriage is not only a cheat code for wealth. It’s a cheat code for establishing structure, stability, wealth, and legacy.

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