The Courier’s May 17 Primary Election Endorsements 

What can $1.8 million buy you?

According to numerous local reports, that’s what the “Super Political Action Committee” United Democracy Project has spent in attack ads on TV, direct mail, online and, if they could, at your home dinner table, to show Rep. Summer Lee as a person unfit for Congress over the past three weeks.

But the New Pittsburgh Courier knows better and, we believe, so does the Black community.

Representative Lee was introduced to us back in 2018, and she went on to upend a well-known politician to win the race for state House District 34. Since then, she has tirelessly fought for the betterment of all people, not just African Americans, in her fight for laws protecting citizens from unjust police actions, among others. Representative Lee has unwavering confidence in herself to fight for what’s right, express it fearlessly, while at the same time, sitting back and calmly listening to her constituents’ concerns. Now that longtime Congressman Mike Doyle has called it a career, it’s time for someone like Summer Lee to represent us in the U.S. Congress. In this pivotal May 17 Primary Election, the Courier urges you to make your voice heard through your vote. The Courier endorses Rep. Summer Lee for the 12th District.

We will also be voting for Rep. Austin Davis, of Mon Valley fame, for Lieutenant Governor. He would become the first Black Lt. Gov. in the state’s history. We’re also voting for the man who has endorsed him, Josh Shapiro, himself running for Pa. Governor. We believe those two would make a great tandem in Harrisburg.

In the state House races, we believe Martell Covington has established himself as the best candidate for Ed Gainey’s former 24th District. Covington, who already is the state Representative due to April’s special election, has worked in the Homewood and Lincoln-Lemington communities for more than a decade, and was a legislative aide to state Sen. Jay Costa. He’s at the perfect time in his career to serve in the state House for the foreseeable future.

In House District 19, Rep. Aerion Abney won a special election in April. This time, however, he’s up against another African American with strong community ties—Rev. Glenn Grayson Sr., pastor of Wesley Center AME Zion Church. The Courier has profiled both candidates, and we believe either candidate would be a good choice to replace Jake Wheatley in the Hill District, North Side and South Side Hilltop.

African Americans are truly invested in our region’s politics. Do your part, as well, and get invested in them, so that people who look like and understand you can represent you in elected office.


Pennsylvania U.S. Senate

John Fetterman


Pennsylvania Governor

Josh Shapiro


Pennsylvania Lt. Governor

Austin Davis


Pennsylvania U.S. Representative

District 12

Summer Lee


Pennsylvania State Representative District 19

Glenn C. Grayson or

Aerion Andrew Abney


Pennsylvania State Representative District 24

Martell Covington


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