Duquesne Light Company leads the way to clean energy

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Investments in renewable energy with a focus on benefits for its customers is a top priority for Duquesne Light Company (DLC). That’s why DLC is committed to providing clean energy through innovative energy solutions.

Clean energy comes from renewable zero-emission sources that do not pollute the atmosphere. Renewable energy is collected from renewable resources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Most renewable energy sources are sustainable.

DLC has invested $2.6 billion in infrastructure and technology upgrades between 2010 and 2020. DLC says these investments keep your lights on and they’ll help “keep your life on.”

Check out what DLC is doing to make reliable, safe, customer-centric power. Plus, see how you can jump on the clean energy bandwagon for your home.

Making Space for Electric Vehicles

DLC supports its customers’ and employees’ ownership of electric vehicles (EVs). The many benefits of electric vehicles include superior performance, reduced maintenance, convenient charging, and low fuel costs. This guide provides information on incentives, currently available vehicles, and a frequently asked question section.

DLC is leading by example! The next-generation energy company has committed to changing 30% of its vehicles to electric by 2030. DLC also provides charging stations at many of its facilities.

There are also many public charging stations throughout the Pittsburg area. And at-home charging stations are becoming more and more popular. They are efficient and cost-effective—just $4 to charge most EVs! So, while your electric bill might go up, it’s a lot less than you’d spend at the pump. Home charging is also convenient and safe.

Building Smarter Infrastructure

DLC recently installed dynamic line rating sensors in a pilot project that increased reliability, affordability, and safety across its grid. The company installed modern innovative sensor technology on several transmission towers across DLC’s service territory. The sensors monitor transmission conductors and provide real-time data to uncover additional grid capacity to meet the energy demands of customers and the community. The data will also help address line congestion and conditions and offer earlier maintenance warnings than in the past.

Supporting Legislation for Renewable Energy

DLC is actively supporting legislation in Pennsylvania that would expand access to renewable energy for residents. The PA Local Solar Program will allow electric utility customers in Pennsylvania to purchase 100% localized solar energy rather than the traditional grid mix. Qualifying low-income households also can receive assistance to participate in the program.

Sourcing Solar Energy

Is solar energy right for your home? DLC is helping customers decide. Many homeowners are installing solar photovoltaic systems and other solar-based energy systems to reduce home energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar energy can be used for hot water and room heating, helping to save money on utility bills through reduced energy use. DLC can evaluate a building’s location and climate to introduce passive solar energy into a home appropriately. DLC provides an eight-step guide to installing solar photovoltaic systems on your home and short videos for more detailed instruction.

DLC also recently installed solar panels and a solar tree at the company’s Woods Run campus in Pittsburgh’s North Side. The roof-mounted panels yield an annual cost savings of nearly $8,000. DLC gained firsthand knowledge of what customers would experience if they installed a similar array of solar panels at their homes or businesses.

Planting Trees

Ready to take control of your energy consumption? Strategically planted trees on your property can actually help lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable. Trees in the correct places provide cooler summers and warmer winters—and reduce energy costs. DLC offers recommendations and advice on its website.

DLC is leading the way in Pennsylvania to provide clean, renewable energy to its customers by developing innovative energy solutions. The company knows clean energy is vital to economic growth and environmental protection. That’s why it helps Pittsburgh and other Pennsylvania communities transition to a brighter, lighter future with clean energy.


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