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Angel Ford never planned on becoming an entrepreneur.

“I wouldn’t say it was an accident, but it definitely was not my goal,” said Ford. “In 2017, I took a free sewing class. I just wanted to learn how to sew. Because I did so well in the program, I advanced from the basic sewing class into the advanced sewing class. By the time I completed that, they said you know you’re doing so well…we will pay for your LLC, and that’s how it happened.”

She said settling on the business name, Lavish Lamb, was difficult, but she chose a symbolic animal to represent how she wanted to operate.

“I wish I had like this great story and all that but…I just feel like they’re gentle, godly animals,” said Ford.

Ford initially started Lavish Lamb selling turbans.

“My first granddaughter was born in 2016. When she was born, about six months or so, her hair started to rub off, so it was really hard to style her hair. That’s how I made my first turban.”

She quickly identified other women may also be interested in her turbans because of how important hair is culturally.

“Hair, for a woman, is a part of their identity, and it’s an important part of their quality of life. I know that sometimes you don’t always want to be using these protective styles. Sometimes you just want something cute like a hat or something to put on your head…that’s how I started making them for adults.”

In 2020, Lavish Lamb expanded to being a fashion brand for plus-size women. On their site, you can find an assortment of apparel and accessories catered for every style personality.

“I just want my customer to be unapologetically who they are,” said Ford. “I want to meet them where they are with their particular style and body type. When people shop with Lavish Lamb, I want them to be comfortable and confident in knowing that they made a great purchase. They’re going to look good in it, and they’re going to feel good in it.”

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