Posy elevates interior design with you in mind

Paulette Still identified her artistic ability early.

“I was always a very creative person even as a kid,” said Still. “I used to move the furniture around when I was younger, and I would get in trouble until one day. My mother used to bring people home after church all the time, and her church friends started going crazy. They said, “Margaret, what did you do? I love the way that you moved the furniture around.” That’s how I kind of knew I had the knack.”

Despite her passion for art, she ended up in the financial services industry in capital markets doing foreign exchange, derivative stocks, and bonds.

“I learned floral design in the evening just as a way to deal with my stress at a very stressful job. Then in 2010, I was at the height of my career. I was in demand. I had excellent salary, but I was not happy. One of the reasons I was not happy was because I wasn’t being true to myself and being a true creative. It’s hard when you just reserve the creativity for the weekend. I really needed to be doing it full time,” said Still.

Now through her business, Posy, Still pursues her passion daily. Posy offers services for interior design, floral styling, and other creative styling needs. Still aims to help clients authentically express themselves.

“I’m very real…and I want people to live their true selves whether that’s through interior design, or flowers, or workshop. I really want to work with people and to bring about the true nature of who they are, or who they are as a business, or how they want to live.”

Still continues to use wisdom from her initial career to succeed now as an entrepreneur.

“I was able to take everything I’ve learned in the corporate world and apply it in a different way in business to what I do now, and that’s why I have been in business for 12 years.”

715 N. Highland Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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