House of Soul Catering: Where Every Bite Feels Like Home

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Food has always been a big part of Kamahlai Stewart’s life.

“Growing up, my grandparents, my mom, really everybody we were surrounded by food all the time. I grew a liking to it. My mom and dad used to work all the time so sitting around waiting for my parents to cook was a no-go. I took what I learned from my grandparents and my mom and started cooking, that was at age 7,” said Stewart.

After moving to Pittsburgh, she had a hard time finding dining options that suited her taste.

“I know when I first moved here, I couldn’t find a whole lot of places that fit my tastebuds as far as soul food was concerned. My husband was like; you should go ahead and do this full-time because we’re not getting what we want, and the only time we do is when you cook.”

From that, House of Soul Catering was born. It is a small family business that has become one of Pittsburgh’s most famous eats because from generation to generation, their recipes always remind you of home and is cooked from the soul of their hearts.

They provide carry-out and catering services featuring soul food staples where everything is made from scratch. The menu has items like fried chicken, whiting fish, and their number one seller, macaroni and cheese. Additionally, Stewart uses a signature family recipe to incorporate a twist when it comes to the candied yams.

“For our candied yams, we put apples in them. That’s been a staple in our family for over a decade. That’s what we were brought up on versus regular yams.”

House of Soul also actively empowers youth within the community by providing employment opportunities.

“Our goal has always been to keep children off the streets and out of trouble,” said Stewart.

Stewart encourages anyone seeking good, quality food to order from House of Soul.

“If they are looking for down-to-earth southern cuisine, they need to come visit us and get their souls fed. Let us feed your soul.”

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