Hosanna House in Wilkinsburg presents the 15th Annual Sounds of Summer in August

Looking for a way to relax and connect with your community in Pittsburgh this summer? Join Hosanna House for the 15th Annual Sounds of Summer in Wilkinsburg.

The Hosanna House, one of Pittsburgh’s most treasured community centers, is known for its history of rebuilding the city’s eastern borough of Wilkinsburg after the economic distress and displacement of the community after the steel industry’s decline.

The annual Soulful Sounds of Summer is a collaboration of organizers and advocates to bring the community of Wilkinsburg together for a night filled with music, food, drinks, and fun. By bringing families and individuals together, the welcoming and warm environment provided by the Hosanna House aims to advance and support the spiritual, physical, and environmental health of its guests.

Featuring acclaimed local musicians, visitors can anticipate a night filled with soulful R&B, jazz, and rock! Bands include the local R&B group Bill Henry Band, the cello-drummer-based rock band Cello Fury, jazzist Kenny Blake, and beloved jazz drummer Roger Humphries.

During the 80s, the steel industry’s decline became a significant turning point for Pittsburgh, particularly in the borough of Wilkinsburg. The lack of jobs, layoffs, and economic decline led to a mass displacement of workers and families, creating deep social inequity in the community.

As a result, the Covenant Church of Pittsburgh established the Hosanna House as a nonprofit in 1990 to create a space where families, individuals, and community members could access resources from cultural preservation and economic and social support. By 1996, the organization found a permanent home in the Wilkinsburg Community Center of Western Pennsylvania, thanks to community funding and support from hundreds of volunteers.

Today, the community center began renovation in 1995 and finished in 2006, introducing a four-story building and over 120,000 square feet of space dedicated to a community center for all locals and community members.

In addition, the organization has two event spaces, one located in the Sherwoods Event Center, host of the Sounds of Summer, and the Hosanna House’s Wallace Event Center, which is open for reservations of special events and receptions.

Visit here to learn more about the Hosanna House and its mission. Tickets to the 15th Annual Sounds of Summer are $125 and include food, drinks, and entrance to the musical performances.



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