Black author stunned after Nazi symbols, image of Hitler appears in memoir

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A Black author is shocked after he found out a publisher printed Nazi symbols and a picture of Adolf Hitler in his memoir, according to Yahoo! Finance.

Ash Cash Exantus, one of the top financial educators in the nation, found out about the shocking news from a viral video. The friend’s copy of the book, titled From The Block to The Bank: How to Make the Most of Your Circumstance to Maximize Your Full Potential, was apparently misprinted by the publisher Lulu Direct. It looks like Exantus’ cover was on the wrong book.

The whole mess has left the entrepreneur speechless.

“I am a respected scholar and educator that promotes Black entrepreneurship and Black excellence,” Exantus said. “It is a hurtful slap in the face that my book somehow got confused with another book promoting Hitler’s teachings and philosophies.”


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Exantus is now calling on Lulu Direct to address this “unacceptable” mistake, especially since the company is one of the largest publishers of independent books.

“I don’t even believe that this happened by accident. I think it was intentional because I just can’t understand how one of the country’s largest publishers of independent books could make the mistake of inserting racist material about a man notorious for destroying and exterminating humanity into my book,” he commented.

The Harlem-born entrepreneur made a name for himself by teaching financial literacy to the Black community through inspiration, tools, and resources. He’s also a four-time bestselling author, and the latest memoir, now marred by controversy, focused on how he overcame financial hardship and changed his life.

Lulu Direct has yet to respond to the situation, but until then, Exantus encourages his supporters to buy his book from Amazon so they don’t get a misprinted copy.


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