Bill Neal: ‘We have problems…and they are many!’

I’M ‘ALL THE WAY UP’—The Steelers’ Najee Harris leaps over the Patriots’ Devin McCourty in the 2022 home opener at Acrisure Stadium, Sept. 18. The Steelers lost, 17-14. (Photo by Courier photographer Marlon Martin)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—That would be a quote from the Legendary Emperor Charles Henry Noll… That’s Chuck Noll to you. And trust me on two things…#1—I don’t pretend to know more than Coach Mike Tomlin and staff. #2—But as my “Pops” would say, “I don’t know much, but I know what I know!” So here’s what I know and we’re gonna log this in as part of the Countdown…

:09—If your O-line can’t pick up a measly one yard in two downs you probably need to get rid of all of them. I am just saying.

:08—Some of you, you know who you are, cried repeatedly about Ben not being able to throw the ball downfield anymore. Now you have a guy who can and they won’t let him throw it downfield!!! C’mon man!

:07—All summer long you told us George Pickens was the second coming of Jerry Rice. Well, if you don’t throw him the ball he’s going to be the second coming of Rice-A-Roni!

:06—You go from 99 sacks last week, okay, seven to zero sacks, a bagel, this week. T.J. Watt can’t be that good… Is he???

:05—Last thing, I promise. You mean to tell me you can’t beat a Brady-less New England team? At home? No wonder the owner gets to go to the “Japanese Stress House”…wait, what? You heard me! And don’t worry, you’ll get it about midnight tonight.

:04—Back to Basics—Just that friendly reminder for you if you don’t know by now, your only Black-owned and Black-operated sports talk show is up and running and global. “Soul Take—Champions Live” sports and entertainment talk show streaming live every Tuesday, 6 to 8 p.m. starring Kevin Cameron and yours truly, Bill Neal. Tune in at and you can also call in get in on the conversation at 412-213-8995 and 412-889-8319, or text us at 412-218-3888.

:03—Happy to report that one of Pittsburgh’s and Westinghouse’s finest men will be inducted into the Westinghouse High School Wall of Fame, Mr. Franklin Duck. Couldn’t happen to a better man or a better athlete. “The House… The House… The House will never fall!”

:02—698 and counting. 58, 59 and counting. This past weekend Albert Pujols launched #698 Friday, Sept. 16, and is now two away from having hit 700 home runs, the 4th man all-time to achieve that hallowed number. Not to be outdone, Aaron Judge crushed #’s 58 and 59 Sunday, Sept. 18, and is two away from tying Roger Maris for the most home runs ever hit in the American League. And the most home runs ever hit by a steroid-free hitter. Here’s hoping both men achieve their illustrious goal this upcoming week and then go beyond to even more legendary numbers. Also of note, your battling Bucs tied a major league record Sunday, Sept. 18, by striking out 20 times in one game. Yeah.

:01—Listen—You must go see Academy Award/Oscar winner Viola Davis in “The Woman King.” That’s all I can tell ya!



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