Experience the Art of Healing with YOGAMOTIF

Website: https://www.yogamotif.com/

When it comes to experiencing serenity, YOGAMOTIF has peace and creativity covered on all cylinders.

A Pittsburgh paradise for art classes and restorative exercise, YOGAMOTIF combines two relaxing practices in hopes of introducing patrons to body awareness and mindful healing.

Alexia Dawn is the founder of the Black and woman-owned creative wellness studio. In 2018,

Dawn opened Yoga Motif in hopes of bringing healing to her community through yoga designed for youth, expecting parents, art lovers, and the community at large.

Dawn says much of the inspiration behind her studio was sparked behind her appreciation for art and the intense journey she had with postpartum depression.

“I have a background in yoga and was an art teacher and was curious about combining yoga with art for an embodied wellness practice,” said Dawn “I was about a year postpartum and I realized that taking care of myself was something I’d stopped doing and creating this business was a chance to revisit a healing practice and encourage others to prioritize their healing as well.”

More than a space for traditional yoga classes, YOGAMOTIF offers innovative art workshops during the wellness practice. The Yoga Paint Party combines Dawn’s two loves by intertwining physical exercise and artwork.

“Some people may be trying yoga for the first time and are new to the practice or have done art on their own, but have never tried a class so it’s really nice to be able to introduce people to things they may not have tried before,” said Dawn. “Yoga can be really intimidating so offering people a practice that reminds them however their breath and their body works is acceptable, is really nice.”

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