Neighborhood Allies builds pathways to prosperity – for all communities

Presley L. Gillespie, President & Chief Executive Officer


For more than 35 years, Neighborhood Allies has been dedicated to its core mission of creating vibrant Pittsburgh communities, socially and physically — especially in areas that are under-resourced and under-served.

The organization’s vision focuses on providing tools of engagement that transform neighborhoods into thriving communities that are resilient and equitable. 

In the middle of its 3-Year Roadmap plan, Neighborhood Allies is bringing together people, knowledge, and financial resources to implement a bold, ambitious project to end systemic racism that’s the result of historic red-lining practices.

Preservation Working Group

In 2021, Neighborhood Allies began serving as the group that brings together the members of the affordable housing Preservation Working Group (PWG).

PWG is made up of policymakers, community stakeholders, and nonprofit and for-profit owners and developers who are interested in preserving existing affordable housing that’s privately owned – for the long term.

The PWG identifies at-risk, existing affordable housing through databases, such as HouseCat, and via its members’ deep knowledge and experience.

With this information and understanding, PWG members advocate at the locale, state, and federal levels to increase affordable housing preservation in our region.

They also position properties so they’re attractive to buyers, work to find reliable buyers, and connect developers to financial and other resources.

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