A high school senior’s perspective on how adults frame gender roles and talking with teens about sexual safety

by Jourdan Hicks, PublicSource

Boys and girls, the birds and the bees, the double standards. In this conversation with Woodland Hills High School senior Tierra Bush, she discusses how she has viewed the differences in how boys and girls are groomed to behave and what that means within the larger context of sex, sexuality, and sexual safety. Bush shares about the challenges of coming of age as a woman and the advice she has for parents and teens when discussing sexual safety.


Jourdan: A note before we begin. This episode includes discussion of sexual assault, violence and coercion. Discretion is advised for when you listen, where you listen, and who you listen with. 

Jourdan: I’m your host, Jourdan Hicks. This is From the Source Podcast. In this episode, high school senior Tierra Bush shares her ideas about how to improve the conversation teens are having with the adults in their lives about sex, sexuality and sexual safety. 

Tierra: Hi, I’m Tierra Bush, 12th grader, so I’ll be graduating class 2023 — turn up. I go to Woodland Hills High School. I live in Wilkins Township/Eastmont. I’m always out and about. 

Tierra Bush, 17, talks about her evolving friendships as she drives to pick up her brother from work on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022, in Monroeville. (Photo by Stephanie Strasburg/PublicSource)

Jourdan: Tierra drives a silver Mitsubishi. 

Tierra: Like today, I was just out all day doing, like, running errands and stuff. 

Jourdan: She’s the friend who’s the chauffeur to the mall and the movies. 

Tierra: Monroeville Mall is like a two-minute drive past my house. So yeah, it’s really sad. 

Jourdan: Sometimes Tierra’s mom thinks it’s a little bit too easy for her to find reasons to go out. 

Tierra: Sometimes I really have to stop myself because I would really just be sitting there getting in and out this car. It’s sickening. 

Jourdan: When Tierra and I connected, she was knee-deep in preparations for her senior homecoming dance and making plans for how she’ll celebrate the final stretch to graduation. 

Jourdan: You said you’re going to homecoming. You got your dress yet? 

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