Legal Advertising – Estate Notices 12-21-22

Letters have been granted on the estate of each of the following decedents to the personal representative named, who requests all persons having claims against the estate of the decedent to make known the same in writing to his/her attorney, and all persons indebted to the decedent to make payment without delay:

Estate of DOUGLAS S. COLEMAN, Estate No. 02-22-07530 630 Dornbush Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15221, Co-administrators Daniel R. and Darren F. Coleman, P.O. Box 17097, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 or to Attorney William C. Price, Jr. Price & Associates, P.C. 2005 Noble Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Estate of VICTORIA EDWARDS, Estate No. 07800 OF 2022, Deceased of Pittsburgh, Christine Zapf, Extrx., 3532 Laird St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

Estate of ANNA M. GRANA A/K/A ANNA B. GRANA, deceased, of 1220 Love Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218, Estate No. 02-22-07810. Executrix, Constance Grana, 1400 Smokeywood Drive, Apt. 206, Swissvale, PA 15218. William C. Price, Jr. Price & Associates, P.C., 2005 Noble Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Estate of BARBARA S. MORANELLI,  deceased Glassport Borough, Pennsylvania, No. 02-22-07942. Lisa Moranelli, Executrix, or to Ryan W. Brode, Atty, 6 Clairton Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Estate of JUDITH A. MCLAIN, deceased of 1915 LaFayette Street, Swissvale, PA 15218, No. 02-22-07287. Executrix, Sherine A. Aulich, 1604 Lucas Avenue, Wichita Falls, TX 76301. William C. Price, Jr., Price & Associates, P.C. 2005 Noble Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218



Estate of PATRICIA ANNE O’CONNELL (deceased), of Mt. Lebanon, PA, No. 07873 of 2022. Susan D. O’Connell, Adm., 22 Creighton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Estate of BLANCHE PLUMMER-JONES, deceased, of Pittsburgh, No. 7366 of 2022. Destiny Cherry-Igizio, appointed Executrix, November 16, 2022. Peter B. Lewis, Neighborhood Legal Services, 928 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15222, Counsel.



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