Bill Neal: Pittsburgh Steelers….return to…Glory?!?!

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—Let’s take a moment here and remember how we got here . . . #1 – your Pittsburgh Steelers have six Super Bowl titles, the most in NFL history. And I know you want to remind me that they’re tied with New England and that would be true if the so-called “Patriots” had not cheated to get two of them! #2 – Greatest Super Bowl quarterback of all-time, Terry Bradshaw. Again, Brady cheated . . . and if ya want Joe Montana, you can have him. #3 – Greatest Super Bowl running back . . . of course, Franco Harris! #4 – One of, if not the greatest O-lines of all time. #5 – Last, but not least, the greatest defense in NFL history, hands down. You will hear noise about the 1985 Bears . . . the Purple People Eaters, and Doomsday Defense. The only difference is they didn’t have Mel Blount, J. T. Thomas, Donnie Shell, Mike Wagner, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Dwight White, L. C. Greenwood, Ernie “Fats” Holmes and, of course, the greatest D-lineman ever, “Mean” Joe Greene . . . all due respect to Rev. Reggie White . . . the Minister of Defense!

:09—We’ve had two great runs since these glory days with Jerome Bettis, Ben Roethlisberger, “Fast” Willie Parker, Hines Ward, Heath Miller, Alan Faneca, Joey Porter, James Farrior, Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor, to be sure. But, if you were lucky enough to be there, you know there were none more super than the Team of the Decade Pittsburgh Steelers!!!

:08—The return to glory this offseason? Matt Canada is on a Greyhound to anywheresville; we need a new inside linebacker, ‘cause Devin Bush is on that bus, too; we need one more wide receiver, a new killer cornerback, the next tackle can be anybody but Dan Moore…you top that off with a defensive lineman/rusher that hates everything and everybody, and it’s showtime!

:07—Speaking of showtime, your Pitt Panthers men’s basketball team is back. Coach Capel has brought in some sure-nuff ballers. The close losses to Clemson and Duke to be assumed and the comeback win at Georgia Tech this past Saturday, Jan. 14, has all things at the Petersen looking “Good!”

:06—“Cutch” is back, as in Andrew. And just in time to at least stop the bleeding. No, they’re not going to the World Series, but the Gold Glove Batting Champion will help restore a winning attitude and pride to the Pittsburgh Pirates’ sinking ship.

:05—If you’ve seen the back of my SUV, you know I ride with Muhammad Ali, the Greatest of All-Time. A youngster questioned me the other day on who would win between Ali and Tyson . . . Even Tyson will tell you, Ali. Done and done.

:04—Hold tight boys and girls, my L.A. Lakers are not quite dead yet. News at Eleven!

:03—I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you . . . Yes, I am an Elvis Fan. The death of his daughter Lisa Marie came as a shock and great sadness . . . death after death these days. Just sadness!

:02—Get ready for it come to you this spring, the return of Champions Live Sports Talk Show. Live and in serious color! Stay tuned.

:01—No, I didn’t forget. Here’s your Super Bowl matchup. The Kansas City Chiefs will defeat whoever they play . . . Take it to your local bank!



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