Kai Cenat makes over $23,000 a month from sleeping on stream

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A new report is highlighting how much money Twitch star Kai Cenat is making from sleeping on stream, and it’s staggering.

According to Best Sports Betting Canada, which analyzed Twitch streamers earning the most income from catching Z’s live, Cenat pulls nearly $23,280 a month from his snooze-filled streams. That means the internet icon makes $285,480 a year just from sleep streams — and that’s not including the other content he creates.

This recent statistic comes off the heels of Cenat’s successful sub-a-thon in February, where streamers keep streaming until viewers stop paying a monthly subscription to their favorite creator. Cenat was live for 24 hours throughout the entire month, obliterating Twitch’s record for having the most subscribers on the platform.

When Cenat wasn’t inviting guests, playing games, or interacting with his viewers, he was resting up while his viewers stuck around. According to Streams Charts, the huge streamer wracked up over 5.6 million hours watched during his sleeping broadcasts.

What’s so appealing about streamers broadcasting their rest is that viewers will pay money to send text-to-speech messages, hoping to annoy the streamer or wake them up. Twitch even has an “I’m Only Sleeping” category. While niche, broadcasters will leave their stream running through the night for any viewers that stick around.


Researchers also pointed out that Japanese streamer kato_juichi0817 makes $48,240 a year from sleeping streams, while n3koglai, a Twitch streamer based in Russia, gets $33,120 a year.

“With how much money streamers are earning by just sleeping, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the category start to gain more steam in 2023,” Liam Solomon, a data analyst for Best Sports Betting Canada, said in a statement.

Last week, Cenat won the coveted Streamer of the Year award at the 2023 Streamer Awards, which honors live streamers and content creators in the space. He wasn’t present to accept his award, but his friend, Agent 00, received it on his behalf with a cardboard cut-out of the renowned streamer. This is the second time in a year that he took home the highest honor.

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