College students in prom dresses and suits and ties packed The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls in celebration of the Be Gay [Do Prom] drag concert in Millvale on April 14. Miss Demeanor, a sophomore acting major at Point Park University, is the host and creator of the Be Gay [Do Crime] drag concert series.

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The concert came just as a national push by conservative lawmakers to restrict drag reached Pennsylvania. Nine days earlier, state Rep. Aaron Bernstein, R-Lawrence and Butler counties, reached out to ask colleagues for support for a bill that would classify drag shows as “adult-oriented businesses,” thereby restricting where they can be held and who can attend.

The show’s organizers were motivated in part by the desire to give young adults a place and time to feel a sense of community — something that had been constrained since early 2020.

“Be Gay [Do Prom] was a fantastic opportunity to help recreate something I never got because of the COVID pandemic,” Demeanor said. 

According to drag performer Peter Pansy, Demeanor creates a welcoming, wholesome and safe environment for people under and over 21 to enjoy top-notch drag shows.

Peter Pansy performed wearing extravagant, alien-like makeup that covered his face all the way to his chest. “The overwhelming acceptance, respect and excitement everyone has for when I step out with my paint and my presentation is incredibly euphoric,” he reflected. “It just makes me feel like the creature person I wanna be.”

People in the crowd.