The Carr Report: Aspire to be rich…FILTHY RICH!!

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To be rich is to have an abundance of something.  To be filthy rich is to have an abundance of something to serve you throughout your lifetime and leave enough of something behind to have an indelible impression on the lives of others. 

I recently saw a meme that read, “I have 99 problems and money can solve about 73 of them.” What about the other 26 problems?  If you still have problems that you’re wrestling with after you’ve received an abundance of money, something other than your pockets is still broke. 

We all aspire to have an abundant life. We want to fulfill our goals and dreams.  We want to provide for our family. We want to serve as a positive influence on those who come into our life.  We want to do more of the things we love and enjoy.  We want to be in position to help others who are in need without depleting our resources, be it time, energy, or money.  Before we can be a resource to others, we must first pour into our own tank.  For you can’t give that which you don’t have.  You’re limited when you have little to nothing at your disposal.  Having abundance gives you flexibility, freedom, and options. 

So often we get so caught up in chasing monetary and material riches by seeking B.B.D (Bigger, Better Deals), we poison our ability to be rich in other areas of our life, leaving problems to solve that money can’t fix. Never trust that Bigger, Better Deals will bring you continuous smiles. 

I recently read a story about a fisherman.  One day while he was out fishing, a banker paid him a visit.  The banker was impressed with his slate of fish.  The banker asked, “how long did it take you to catch these fish?”  The fisherman replied, “just a little while.”  The banker replied, “Imagine if you put in more time, you can make a lot of more money.” The fisherman replied, “I make enough to provide for my family.” Puzzled, the banker asked, “what do you do with the rest of your time?”  The fisherman replied, “I sleep in late, spend time with my wife and kids. Every weekend, I have a beer or two with my buddies.” The banker stated, “you should take out a loan to buy a bigger boat and spend more time fishing so that you can catch more fish.” The fisherman replied, “then what?”  The banker said, “then you can sell more fish and make a ton of money.” 

The fisherman replied, “then what?” The banker said, “you can by a fleet of boats, employ others to fish, sell more fish and make even more money. Before you know it, you’ll be filthy rich.” The fisherman asked, “how long will this take?” The banker replied, “about 20-30 years.” The fisherman asked, “then what?”  The banker replied, “when you’re filthy rich, you’ll be able to sleep in late, spend time with your wife and kids. Every weekend, you’ll be able to have a beer or two with your buddies.”   The fisherman smile and replied, “I’m good.  I have more than plenty right now.”

The fisherman who was rich in wisdom and understanding knew that if he earned enough money to provide for his family, spend quality time with his family and had time to do fun stuff with his buddies, he was living an abundant life.  He was content with where he was in life.  He didn’t need Bigger, Better Deals that the banker was trying to sell him to feel fulfilled. 

Do you want to have an abundant life?  Do you want to be content, feel appreciated and valued?  Would you like to do more of the things that mattered to you? Do you want to make a positive impact on the lives of others? If so, aspire to be rich! Filthy Rich! It’s about having an abundance of everything—or more than enough to make you feel whole. 

Below are some things we should aspire to be rich with:

Rich in money: Being rich in money isn’t about earning the most money.  It’s about earning enough that’s sufficient to provide for you and your family needs, being able to save for future goals and have a life.  It’s about being content with what you have, while aspiring for and working towards having more

Rich in knowledge and wisdom:  When you know better, you do better! Seek knowledge and clarity in everything you do in life.  No one cares about your best interest more than you. Be prudent about the decisions you make in life.  Where we are today is the subtotal of the decisions that we’ve made over the years.

Rich in adventure:  Live! Have some fun. There’s stability in routine but there’s no growth or fun. Don’t always be so predictable.  Try new things. Visit new places. Meet new people.  Explore, learn, grow, be adventurous.

Rich in laughter:  Laughter is good for the soul! If you’re not laughing or smiling, there’s a good possibility that you’re frowning or crying.  Do something, watch something, or read something daily that puts a smile on your face or make you laugh out loud. 

Rich in health: The body is our temple. We need to protect it, honor it and respect it.  Seek to live a healthier lifestyle.  Be mindful of what you put into your body and mind. Be active in cardio workouts, strength training, and flexibility training in an effort to be as healthy as you can be as long as you shall live.

Rich in family and friends: Family is your bloodline. Friends are family members you choose for yourself.  Work towards having solid relationships with members of your family. Life is too short to be bickering with family and friends.  Learn to respect your difference but honor and respect each other. 

Rich in love: Love breeds passion. Passion breeds a yearning desire to live, give, protect, and cultivate.  What oxygen is to the body, love is to the soul.  Love gives you purpose, motivation, and drive.  When you’re void of love, you’re empty in life.  Find someone or something to be crazy in love with. 

Rich in good deeds:  When you do good by others, you feel good within. Pay it forward! Help out a fellow person when you can.  It will make you feel good inside.

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