Guest Editorial: Black people in a new world order

Black people are decidedly different from white people. To be sure, these differences are far from just skin color. In addition to biological and genetic differences, there are cultural differences. This is true even though the African continent, being extremely diverse, has cultural elements that are similar all over the Black world.

Black people in America demonstrate many traits in common. Of course, some of these came from our similar experiences with slavery and oppression. Others, however, have surfaced with seemingly no general outside influences.

If observed long enough, it is apparent that Black and white people have had a tendency to focus on different hemispheres of the brain. White people seem to have a predisposition toward technology and organization. Generally, they appear to be interested in how things work and using their analytic abilities to study everything; to be explorers and in many instances conquerors.

White people also demonstrate a love of cultural activities, but there are differences between the white esthetic and the Black one. White classical music exemplified by the works of Bach, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, et al, is extremely complex but focuses on different musical structures when compared to music created by non-white people. The music is written in a manner that requires study in order to decode the symbols on paper. To play many “classical compositions,” a person has to really understand how to “read music.”

Black music, on the other hand, carries just as much emotion as can be found in so-called classical music, and is no less complicated. The difference can be seen in the brilliant improvisational skills depicted in Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll and other music that has roots in the African Diaspora.

At this point it must be said that the structure of the modern world is closing in on folks in such a manner that an amalgamation of cultures is becoming apparent. The human personality is such that people are now exposed to greatly divergent cultures. Japanese youth are adopting Hip Hop, and music, film, art, etc., are being shared and embraced by all types of people.

Ultimately, a homogenization of sorts seems to be happening on a global scale wherein cultures are blending into one another. This is not to say people are abandoning their own traditions; it is noticed that a lot of new ideas are being included in ancient practices.

This demonstrates the notion that everyone, everywhere is now on a course in history where the world is literally shrinking. We are becoming that global community that has been anticipated since people started discussing the idea of a “New World Order.”

Interestingly, Black people are in an excellent position to play a major role in this New World Order. The African Diaspora has shown the ability to influence culture all over the planet, and though in this historic dispensation the darker races were not the latter-day originators of modern technology including, but not limited to AI, the community has demonstrated a mastery of every endeavor attempted. It is also becoming known that a lot of modern ideas were initially pioneered by Black people.

In addition, when assessing historical records, Black people have been able to master circumstances in spite of overwhelming odds. There appears to be one exception to the Black community’s penchant for mastery; that is the inability of Black people to organize and unify toward a common goal. This may be due to the low self-esteem that manifests in the basest aspects of our culture. We have seen the use of negative and obscene fare that generates excessive amounts of money while literally degrading Black people.

From the ubiquitous profanity, degradation of each other, and a focus on the lower aspects of human endeavors, Black people are losing out. While we bicker with each other, the dominant political powers in the world go about their business of shaping the world in their image through a focus on technical innovation, financial intrigue, war, climate change, and exploring the universe while making plans to live off planet. The Black community, on the other hand, is still mired in the debris of oppressive behavior. The tide is turning; if the Black community refuses to wake up and unify in order to carve a better future for ourselves and our posterity, we may, indeed, end up being left behind! Let’s focus on important things and leave the self-destructive issues, like killing and disrespecting each other, behind. A Luta Continua.

Reprinted from the Chicago Crusader


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