Black-led Steel Smiling centers importance of Black mental health in Pittsburgh region

Steel Smiling, a Black-led, Pittsburgh-based non-profit, connects residents to Black-specific mental health support through education, advocacy, and awareness.

Founded in 2015, Steel Smiling has since co-created a pilot program with Neighborhood Allies called the Organization-in-Residence model. The program is designed to promote Steel Smiling’s growth as a young organization by strengthening its non-profit practices and policies and sharing important resources with its partner.

The program also allows Steel Smiling to grow more strategically, as they continue to help Black Pittsburghers find their own pathways to healing and wellness.

This mutually beneficial relationship is helping Steel Smiling reach its 2030 goal of ensuring that every Black person in Allegheny County has at least one positive mental health experience that improves their quality of life.

Steel Smiling’s Programs: Beams to Bridges and Steel Healing

Steel Smiling’s flagship program Beams to Bridges is a six-month community-based course that provides 50 hours of comprehensive mental health training and education to residents.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are equipped to serve as community mental health advocates. These community members not only take good care of themselves, but also know how to help their neighbors identify and seek support for a variety of mental health needs ranging from trauma, substance use and recovery, grief and loss, and more.

Steel Healing, the organization’s other well-known initiative, connects community members to culturally aligned treatment options and supports. The program combines wellness navigation services, peer support, and financial assistance to ensure Black community members have access to culturally appropriate care that is their birthright. It also makes several affinity support groups available for residents to heal together in community.

Learn more about Steel Smiling. Call or email the organization at 412.248.0253 or

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