Guest Editorial: Will and Jada’s problems

 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are in the news again, thanks to Jada’s new book, entitled “Worthy.” Basically, Jada is finally getting her chance to share her side of the story since she has been mute, while people have called her everything that is evil and unworthy related to her marriage. Jada has dropped a bombshell: she and Will have been separated for seven years!        

Because of this revelation, people are calling them (especially Jada) liars, because they didn’t reveal they had “separated” before now. This is unfortunate and shows that people don’t pay attention; they hear a few buzzwords and then jump to conclusions.

Will Smith is a case in point. Years ago, Will shared that he didn’t call what he and Jada had a “marriage” and said they were “Life Partners.” He also said that nothing could break them up. At points he discussed the idea of an open relationship, a concept they allegedly embraced.

With this revelation, what was said previously, but ignored, is the fact that the couple was separated during the time Jada mentioned her “entanglement” with August Alsina on an episode of her now defunct “Red Table Talk.” People are upset with Jada about this situation and feel she is the reason the marriage is in jeopardy. What is being ignored is that Will has allegedly also had his “entanglements.”

The difficulties in their marriage seem to be partially fueled by how to deal with their union as an “open relationship” and how to relate to the public regarding it. They were trying to successfully navigate monogamy while being honest with each other.

This is a very real concern that many couples today face. Will and Jada were apparently trying to get ahead of the game and offset the need for deception. They were seeking to address that issue while remaining true to each other.

This strategy is admirable, but the public has been hell-bent on trying to get them to separate. All of the hatred they have been receiving…from Jada’s “entanglement” and Will’s “slap that was heard around the world”… might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back! A seeming majority of people blame Jada for all of the shenanigans going on in the marriage. The lies circulating that she orchestrated the “slap” are being debunked, however. Jada said she thought it was a skit, and she was surprised that Will called her “my wife.”

Other lies say Jada was in love with Tupac Shakur, the brilliant rapper who lost his life to gun violence years ago. The truth is that Jada has made it clear on more than one occasion that her relationship and love for Tupac was platonic…she actually said they had no romantic chemistry!

The Smiths have been hated for various and sundry reasons for a long time…toward Jada for creating “Red Table Talk,” which had therapeutic value for thousands of people, and for the way they raised their children, who have turned out to be successful and caring adults.

But that doesn’t matter…apparently Will and Jada are people that Black people just love to hate, and a lot of it seems to stem from the way they relate to each other. Artistically, they have been great role models, creating films and music that is wholesome. It’s amazing that people love thugs who have caused a lot of chaos in the Black community through obscene music and more but hate a family that has been trying to do the right thing for years!

Yep, Will and Jada are on the hot seat because they are trying to create a relationship that could withstand the gluttonous fangs of extramarital temptation (and more), and they seem to be losing the battle. This is something a lot of marriages face, and you’d think that instead of people hating Will and Jada, they should be applauding them for attempting to solve the relationship dilemma. With most marriages ending in divorce today, married people need prayers of support, and not hatred. A Luta Continua.

(Reprinted from the Chicago Crusader)


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