Guest Editorial: The scientific basis of prayer

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In today’s chaotic world, people are searching for meaning. There are wars and rumors of wars; some of these have been given names, and some have not. As we look around, people (and animals) are losing their lives all over the planet. Scientists are calling this period the “6th Extinction.”

As this is happening, people are becoming more cynical, and some of those who have religious leanings are beginning to lose faith. They are witnessing great atrocities being committed in the name of religion, and are turned off by this. The evidence is the growing number of atheists, and the increasing exodus from churches that has been reported.

What is needed is a weapon to combat the evil situation that is eroding our confidence in the meaningafulness of life.

There already exists a weapon, and it has been with us since the period when humankind became self-aware and sought to have some control over life. In every culture, there have been shamans, priests, and others who have utilized their power to placate the unknown forces by petitioning the cosmos in an effort to control destiny. There is a name for this practice; it is called “prayer.”

Unfortunately, because of the decadent period we are in, some people think the idea of praying is impractical, childish and ineffective. They see the universe as a cold, heartless entity devoid of divine principles. What is the logic of this assertion, and how is it that prayers are valid?

It is said that the late, great Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla has implied that, “God is a Frequency.” This is profound, if you think about it. For example, everything around us is governed by frequency and vibration, everything! Sight is based on vibrations impacting our optical systems; hearing and sound is based on vibration; EVERYTHING IN NATURE IS CONSTANTLY VIBRATING, and every frequency has an attendant vibratory response.

Our alphabets create words, which are vibrational formulas in sound that convey meaning. Scientists have discovered that vibration is the basis of electronics, and we use it in all of our technology. Even now, WIFI is passing through our bodies as we gleefully use our wireless cell phones, tablets, computers and more. Birds use it for navigation. Our entire atmosphere is comprised of vibratory energy of all types, and it is these that connect us!

How does this relate to prayer? When we pray, we are using words that have distinct frequencies. Thought forms also have frequencies. We exist, move and have our being in a sea of vibrational frequencies that always connect with matching frequencies.

Prayer, therefore, is the process of using frequency of our words to connect with matching frequencies in our surroundings that are encoded with intelligence.

Jesus, who ascended to the office of The Christ when he was baptized, understood the impact of prayer on our well-being. He prayed, as did his disciples. They understood the scientific validity of connecting with the RIGHT FREQUENCY in order to influence the things that impacted their lives.

All religions, including the non-traditional ones like those represented by shamans, understood this. Chanting is a form of prayer; prayer is ubiquitous in every part of the world!

With this said, there is definitely an intelligence that surrounds and penetrates us, and vibratory energy is our connection to this invisible force. Words connect us to these frequencies, and the highest of these can be called the Godhead. We have been taught that God is Love, and we have also been taught that the highest frequency is LOVE. The God frequency, therefore, can be reached through the matching frequency of our prayers.

Prayer, therefore, has a scientific basis, and is the greatest tool that we possess to help us navigate the chaotic situation we face today. Prayer works! A Luta Continua.

Reprinted from The Chicago Crusader

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