Beauty specialist Lakiesha Jones brings youth back to facial features in 1 hour

Youth being the order of the day, before you face all of those critical relatives who have to comment on how you look, whether it’s weight gain or wrinkles, you can stun the holiday crowd with your overnight transformation that is a true treat.

For women of a certain age, say Baby Boomers or even Millenials and Generations X,Y and Z, facial spas, sculpting, and molding were treatments for the wealthy, and not on our list of healthcare priorities. But it should be. 

We’re not talking about makeup, hair and a full glam team, just the opposite – greet the world with a fresh clean rejuvenated face, free of makeup and masking, while you navigate all of the holiday hurdles.

Lakiesha Jones, a family nurse practitioner and owner of Flawless Imperfections is providing a state-of-the-art facial service, better known “the lunch hour facelift,” for women who want to enhance their appearance through the process of microthreading. Essentially instead of going under the knife to get that conoured youthful look. they are opting for less invasive procedures to reduce lines and lift sagging facial features.

Jones credits her medical training and background with providing the foundation for helping her establish her business in the health and beauty space.

“I always tell people nursing is not just a science, it is an art. So when you’re dealing with aesthetics, you also have to understand your anatomy and physiology which is the science behind nursing, but you also have the art of contouring. So when I’m dealing with PDO threads, fillers or even botox, you have to have a keen eye for tweaking the process and minimize or even eradicate those facial imperfections.”

The adage, “We feel better when we look better,” is one not just based in mother wit, it’s a fact, and taking care of our looks goes a long way to shoring up confidence and motivating people to extend themselves socially and professionally. 

“It’s basically a matter of balancing that beauty out. Basically, that’s what beauty is … equal symmetry. That’s the upside down triangle shape, where your face is broader at the top and narrower at the bottom in the chin area.”


Since, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Jones says you can’t dictate to clients and impose your personal beauty aesthetics when practicing facial contouring and enhancement.

“When someone comes to me and wants to make adjustments [to their faces], they sometimes unsure of what they really want other than to just look better. That’s another important role, helping them define what beauty looks like and means to them,” explains the compassionate and ebullient Jones.


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