Cathy Nedd appointed Chair of Black Family Development Board

(Michigan Chronicle)—It’s a new dawn and it’s a new day as Cathy Nedd has stepped boldly into a pivotal role, ascending to the newly appointed Chair of Black Family Development, Inc. (BFDI)’s Board of Directors, a beacon of comprehensive family counseling based in Detroit. With unanimous support from the 15-member board, Nedd’s election is a testament to her formidable presence in the media and marketing arena, coupled with her deep-rooted commitment to community upliftment.

Over her seven-year tenure with BFDI, Nedd has worn many hats, each showcasing her versatility and profound understanding of the organization’s core mission. Her journey to the helm is marked by a distinguished career, notably as the president of Real Times Media News Group, where she steers five iconic publications pivotal to the African American narrative. Her leadership extends beyond the newsroom, evident in her entrepreneurial venture, which revolutionizes how organizations communicate their stories.

Nedd’s expertise in brand development and digital engagement makes her an invaluable ally for businesses aiming to make their mark. Her board roles with esteemed organizations like Franklin Wright Settlements and WAVE reflect a lifelong dedication to fostering community growth, supported by her academic foundation in management and organizational development.

BFDI, rooted in the principles set forth by the Detroit Chapter of the National Association of Black Social Workers in 1978, stands as a pillar for enriching the lives of Detroit and Wayne County’s children, youth, and families. The organization’s 45th anniversary last year, celebrated alongside its remarkable impact on 20,000 individuals, underscores its enduring commitment to its mission.

Kenyatta Stephens, CEO of BFDI, welcomes Nedd with open arms, recognizing her vast experience and passion for community advancement as vital to the organization’s trajectory. “We welcome Cathy Nedd as the new Chair of our Board of Directors,” said Stephens. “Her experience and passion for community development are assets that will help further the vision of BFDI. We look forward to working with her to further our mission of providing comprehensive family counseling services.”

Nedd, stepping into the role with humility and resolve, shared, “I am honored to serve as the Chair of the Board for Black Family Development, Inc. The Board is full of dedicated community leaders with a shared commitment to serving families.  It is a privilege to join this esteemed organization and contribute to its vision of promoting safe, nurturing, and vibrant homes, schools, and communities. I am committed to helping BFDI continue its important work and making a significant impact in the lives of children, youth, and families.”

Nedd succeeds Rian English Barnhill, whose interim leadership followed Charles Beckham’s departure. Beckham, a stalwart in Detroit’s civic landscape, left a legacy of service that spanned five decades, contributing significantly to the city’s resurgence. For Nedd, leading the Board of Black Family Development, Inc. is more than an honor; it’s a call to action as her appointment heralds a new chapter for BFDI.

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