NFL diversity hiring rule faces lawsuit, Malcolm Jenkins and Milton H. Jones, Jr. react

The NFL’s Rooney Rule is facing a lawsuit spearheaded by a former Trump adviser. Created as a rule to help increase the potential hiring of more Black coaches in the NFL, the “Rooney Rule” states that all NFL teams must interview a Black candidate when a head coaching vacancy becomes open. 

However, America First Legal, headed by Stephen Miller, filed a lawsuit that claims the “Rooney Rule” is in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It’s another attack on DEI initiatives that seek to increase diversity. 

During Super Bowl week, former NFL player Malcolm Jenkins and Milton H. Jones, Jr. of 100 Black Men of America held a fireside chat at Analog Dope bookstore where they discussed social justice issues. 


Is not the only one we see the same same thing and even in the federal cabinet space, I forget the farm but got to all black Fields of Interest Yes, in the same thing, they’re passing legislation to dismantle those things and I think the same thing in our with our history and the books. And so I think there’s no time to waste that we can act like we don’t see what’s happening right now.


They’re trying to pull back as much as they possibly can, whether it’s an answer, they’ll take a mile. And if we don’t pay attention to that and come up with some alternative strategies that are of our own to protect our own knowledge, our own history, our own vehicles of economic advancement, and they will fall in I think, you know, I don’t think that’s enough conversations in our community.

I would agree.

Three, two and a half decades ago, the Bucky case came along, and everybody thought that that was in the building for integration and African American students in majority colleges that didn’t get in the way but it didn’t stop. The Supreme Court decision came out last summer. Certainly struck a blow. But frankly, you know, the beauty of our pupils that we really created and you can try and close one door and find a murderer we go through the roof. The fact that letter was read unstoppable, but having said that, we use so much time and energy in the process of doing that. And so that’s why we have to step band together like brother James just said, we have to be aware, people have even made woke a bad word why? Because they don’t want us to be aware.

We are woke and we are awake and we are aware and we are going to vote and we will change outcomes. And when we do we’ll create a better pathway for our community and the people in our community.



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