How Fani Willis’ father John Floyd gave a masterful testimony during misconduct hearing

The misconduct hearing involving District Attorney Fani Willis had another intriguing moment. During the final day of testimony, Willis’ father John Floyd III took the stand and gave a masterful testimony. 

The hearing involves accusations of Willis’ relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade and whether she benefited financially from their time dating. The judge’s ruling could impact the election interference case where Willis indicted Donald Trump and others over their alleged involvement with attempting to overturn the 2020 Election. 

Attorneys for those who are indicted were attempting to prove that Willis benefited financially from her relationship with Wade. Willis says that she never benefited from the relationship and paid Wade back in cash. 

“When you meet my father, he’s going to tell you as a woman, you should have at least six months in cash at your house at all times,” Willis testified. “I don’t have that much but I’ve always had cash around my house for years.”

Floyd backed up those claims through his testimony by revealing that he always told Willis to keep at least six months of cash at all times. 

During testimony, Floyd said, “maybe—and excuse me your honor, I’m not trying to be racist—but it’s a Black thing.”

Floyd told the court a story of how he faced discrimination while doing a fellowship at Harvard when Willis was a child. While with Willis and her mother, Floyd attempted to pay for a meal and coffee with a credit card and traveler’s check. However, Floyd was told by the establishment that only cash was accepted. With only $10 of cash in his pocket, Floyd paid for the meal which came to $9.95. 

I was trained, and most Black folks, they hide cash or they keep cash, and I was trained you always keep some cash,” he added. “I gave my daughter her first cash box and told her, ‘Always keep some cash.’”

Floyd also revealed that Willis dated a man named Deuce when he lived with her 2019. That could possibly discredit testimony from Robin Yeartie who claimed that Willis and Wade began dating in 2019. 


He spoke about threats that Willis received after being elected in 2021 when some yelled racial slurs at the District Attorney. The threats became so bad, Floyd said, that they had to abandon the home. 

Floyd also gave testimony on how his travels to Africa where he lived in Rwanda and South Africa for years and even helped to defend Nelson Mandela. 

He lived a storied life, participating in sit-ins at segregated diners in Memphis in 1965 and becoming a Black Panther in 1967 in Los Angeles. He studied law at UCLA and once dated activist Angela Davis. 

Overall, the attorneys for those who are indicted have yet to prove a direct connection between Willis benefiting from a relationship with Wade. But the final decision will be made by Judge Scott McAfee. 

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